A lightweight, clutter free and blazingly fast application that allows you to explore the universe in style.

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Because of it’s simple and straightforward interface, starry can be used by everone both young and old.

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Starry features some amazing options to take control over the stars. Check out which features suit you best.

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In order to gain full control over your app take a look at how the app fucntions. This also includes a walk-through.

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With Starry you can explore the universe in your own backyard, simply by using your iPhone or iPad. Whether you know all constellations like the back of your hand, or you are simply interested in learning about our solar system and the universe.

Because of its simple and straightforward interface, Starry can be used by everyone both young and old. When you want to look at the stars on a camping trip, or you need an application to support you while you are are outside with your telescope, the night sky is always in your pocket.

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Starry is now free. You can get it on the App Store.

  • all 8 planets & pluto
  • over 10000 stars
  • all 88 constellations

Constellations are also supported, and the point-and-track functionality makes this perfect for learning the constellations and knowing your way around the night sky.

The application includes all eight planets, with detailed information, beautiful images and their positions are extremely accurate.

Starry supports over 10000 stars, which is more than you could ever see with your naked eyes even during the clearest nights. Because of this Starry is also a perfect companion to binoculars and small telescopes.




  • 8 planets (and Pluto)
  • over 10000 stars
  • more than 100 deepsky objects
  • all 88 constellations
  • the sun and the moon


  • night mode
  • compass mode (for point-and-track)
  • manual location and GPS
  • advanced time controls
  • match the star brightness to your location

object selection

  • select and track
  • search for objects with the powerful search function


  • night-mode for outside use detailed position
  • information for time-lapse photography and use with telescope

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adjust brightness

Use the slider to match the brightness and the amount of stars to your viewing conditions.

information panel

Detailed informations on all objects, including beautiful images and detailed information.

night mode

With night mode you can preserve your night vision while using the app. This way you can look continuously at the application even when star gazing! It's like having a pirate eye patch.

information panel

Every object in Starry has detailed information available. It is always only one touch away. If you have an internet connection it will even give you a styled version of the Wikipedia entry.

fine-tune settings

You can tune the application to your liking, whether you want to show labels, constellations lines, save your night vision with the night mode -- its all up to you.

time controls

With the date and time controls you can watch the sky change at whatever pace you set. You can check when the sun goes down, the date of the next full, when Mars passes Jupiter and much more.

Eager to begin or learn a little bit more about Starry?

There will be a walkthrough available soon!

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